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PMA is actively lobbying Congress and the Administration for reforms that will help the metalforming industry compete globally.

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In an effort to strengthen the industry's presence in Washington, D.C., PMA joined forces with the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA) to create “One Voice” for the metalworking industry. Under One Voice, our Washington, D.C.-based lobbying and strategic communications firms work every day to ensure that the industry's voice is heard on Capitol Hill and in the media.

One Voice has a combined total of roughly 3,000 member manufacturing companies and is designed to promote U.S. government policies that will ensure a strong manufacturing sector in the United States. The majority of member companies are family-owned small businesses, two-thirds of which are structured as a Sub-Chapter S Corporation or similar pass-through entity, paying taxes at individual rates.

To help all members, from owners to employees, participate in the important upcoming election, One Voice assembled a number of tools. Find out how to encourage employees to vote, where to cast a ballot, and how the presidential candidates compare on the issues that matter to manufacturers. Access resources and download vote poster.
Coalition of American Metal Manufacturers and Users
For more information about the steel and aluminum tariffs,
visit the Coalition for American Metal Manufacturers and Users.


About One Voice

One Voice

The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) and the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA) joined forces in 2008 to create "One Voice", the combined federal government advocacy program representing small and medium sized businesses manufacturing in America.

One Voice

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PMA Advocacy Fund

PMA’s Advocacy Fund supports the association’s day-to-day lobbying and public relations efforts in Washington, D.C., increasing the industry’s visibility in Congress, the Administration and the public.

PMA’s Voice of the Industry Committee

PMA’s Voice of the Industry Committee (PMAVIC), the association’s political action committee, supports pro-manufacturing candidates for Congress.

Contact Christie Carmigiano for additional information about PMAVIC.